Is your dog like Mrs. Kravitz?

Social Media has a ton of different types of quizzes – anything from who you were in a previous life to what type of dog breed you might be. All of these quizzes made me wonder about what famous character (as in movie/film/cartoon/tv, etc.) my dogs might be.

There will be a series of these posts that will feature one dog per post so you can get some insight into each dog and why I chose that character for my dog. Each dog will have at least two characters assigned to them because we have so many different facets to our personalities and the same is true for our dogs.  It would be a disservice to assign only one character per dog.

Ella is without a doubt Mrs. Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched. As a reminder, Mrs. Kravitz was extremely nosy, frequently peeking through curtains and sometimes her excessive nosiness got her in trouble. Does this description remind you of your dog?  It describes Ella to a “T!” Ella loves to look out the windows,  she knows everyone in the neighborhood, and where they are at all times. Ella sounds the alert when someone is on the move or if something suspicious.

Ella's window with frosted window film
Ella’s window with frosted window film

My house has floor to ceiling windows  which means Ella is in puppy dog heaven! Before she arrived we had a peaceful home. Rarely did you hear our dogs bark.  After she arrived there was barking all the time. A leaf fell and she barked! That kind of arrousal isn’t good for anyone. How do you reduce the level of barking without destroying a dog’s spirit? Do all the windows have to be blacked out all the time? Window film is a magical and wonderful thing! Ella can still see out but not as much as she did before.  I swear she pouted when I put it up, but now she is fine with it – she looks through the leaves! But she barks only once in a while and most importantly, the barking only lasts 30 seconds or less instead of 5 minutes or longer.

The other cool thing about the window film is that it is a) removable and b) prevents damage to my blinds.  You might wonder how the film could prevent damage to my blinds, but the day before I installed the film I left the blinds down when I went to work. Heavy sigh.  Ella was Mrs. Kravitz and had to see outside. It didn’t matter to her that there were blinds in the way of her view.  Let’s just say that the blinds have seen better days and I learned a valuable lesson.

Ella has another side to her personality – it is not in juxtaposition to Mrs. Kravitz but works with it.  Unlike Mrs. Kravitz, Ella is loved by everyone because Ella has a pure heart, is very beautiful, and has a need to protect everyone.

Why isn't it enough to be beautiful?
You mean it isn’t it enough to be beautiful?

Ella’s other character is Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality. According to the Urban Dictionary Miss Congeniality is: 1)  a friendly, social person. The center of attention,  gets along with everyone. Usually an attractive person as well. 2)the person named most fun in a beauty pageant.

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